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The Joint Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce its newly proposed system of membership, a structure designed to cater to the unique needs and varied sizes of our prospective members. This novel approach includes six distinct tiers of membership, each offering a different array of benefits, suitable for a broad range of businesses and professionals.

The six categories of membership are as follows:

      1. Individual Membership
      2. Start-up Membership
      3. Silver Membership
      4. Gold Membership
      5. Platinum Membership
      6. Diamond Membership

Two of these membership categories are reserved exclusively for specific groups: Individual Membership for professionals and Start-up Membership for innovative technology-oriented start-ups. The remaining four membership tiers are open to all, offering a graded scale of benefits and engagement opportunities with the Chamber.

Individual Membership: Tailored for Professionals

Individual Membership is the entry-level tier, designed specifically for professionals seeking individual registration. This membership type is particularly beneficial for small law firms, accountants, freelance professionals such as journalists, press officers, export consultants, interpreters, and the like. The benefits offered at this level are basic yet essential, catering to professionals’ needs.

“Professionals,” in this context, are individuals registered in a professional register or order, who may come from a major company but are registered on an individual basis—without any company name or logo.

Start-up Membership: Empowering Innovation

Start-up Membership is a unique category of membership exclusively fashioned for innovative and technological start-ups. This tier offers basic benefits, ideally meeting the needs of small innovative entities.

The definition of a “start-up” in this context refers to an innovative and technological company that was founded less than five years ago and has a turnover of less than 5 million Euros.

Silver Membership: Engaging Small Businesses

Silver Membership is the first tier open to all kinds of businesses, specifically designed for small companies keen on exploring Arab/Italian markets. This tier offers an array of benefits, primarily centered around social and networking activities within the Chamber. It is best suited for businesses with a turnover of up to 5 million Euros.

Gold Membership: Enhancing SMEs’ Visibility

Gold Membership, the next tier, is created with SMEs in mind. This membership category offers businesses an opportunity to engage in the Chamber’s social and networking events, thus enhancing their exposure and visibility in the Arab/Italian markets. It is ideal for organizations with a turnover of up to 25 million Euros.

Platinum Membership: Strategically Connecting Medium to Large Companies

Platinum Membership is crafted for medium to large companies with a strong interest in Arab/Italian markets. This tier provides strategic participation in the Chamber’s social and networking activities, ensuring higher exposure and visibility. It is most suitable for companies with a turnover exceeding 25 million Euros.

Diamond Membership: The Ultimate Business Engagement

Finally, Diamond Membership is the pinnacle of engagement with the Chamber. This tier is designed for large companies with a vested interest in Arab/Italian markets, seeking full engagement in the Chamber’s activities. Ideal for companies with a turnover over 25 million Euros, this tier also acknowledges members as key supporters of the Chamber.

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