UAE – MESIA investments on solar power in the MENA region


The solar renewable energy will be improved to 35 gigawatts in the coming years. (Fonte:Zawya) According to the 2021 overview, there are great renewable energy projects to be completed and enhanced by 2024 in the Middle East and the North Africa region. UAE is the leading country of the ambitious projects. At their full completion, […]

Tunisia – Mellegue Dam Project will protect the region from flood


(Fonte:Zawya) The Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture announced the development of a huge program in Kef. The project comprises the construction of 68 m dam with the capacity of 190000000 cu.m water. The project includes a hydroelectric power station and technical services. In addition, the project is aimed to protect the region from flood and enhance […]

Iraq – Great investments for the project of Baghdad Metro


Iraqi parliament offered Baghdad metro project to investors to get over cash shortage. (Fonte:Zawya) The global trend for investments is shown further in some great projects in Iraq, such as Baghdad Metro and other “strategic projects”. The cash shortage remains an issue to solve in the country. So Iraqi Parliamentary Services and Construction Commission decided […]

Milano – Human Technopole


Human Technopole, 130 milioni di euro di investimenti in un maxi polo scientifico di ricerca a Milano. (Fonte: Innovup) All’interno della grande area allestita per l’EXPO MILANO 2015 nascerà un’eccellenza scientifica italiana. Human Technopole avrà l’obiettivo di dare spazio ai processi di collaborazione tra ricerca universitaria e industria, creando un servizio alla comunità industriale italiana […]

Lebanon – Parliament approved the coronavirus vaccines deals


Lebanese government to open deals for coronavirus vaccination. (Fonte:Reuters) Lebanon is harassed by severe coronavirus infections and overwhelmed hospitals, thanks to the new law Pfizer-BioNtech will provide the nation with doses of vaccines to help Lebanon fight against the spread of virus. The law has specified a clause nominating the Lebanese Health Ministry as the […]

Algeria – Doses of coronavirus vaccines will be shared with Tunisia


Algeria announced the sharing of some of its vaccines with Tunisia by the end of the month. (Fonte:BBC) Algeria has just ordered the Russian Sputnik V vaccine and another Chinese vaccine to fight the spread of coronavirus and decided to donate some of its vaccines ordered to its neighbor Tunisia. Until now, the government does […]

Italy – Prime Minister Conte announces new restrictions until March


New severe restrictions will hit Italians from 18 January to March to fight the coronavirus spread. (Fonte: NYTimes) With the latest emergency decree, PM Conte announced a series of restrictions which come into force on January 16th. The decree renews the measures that were already in force, such as the evening curfew from 10 pm […]

Bahrain-based cryptocurrency exchange Rain Financial raised $6 million


Rain is the first cryptocurrency licensed from Central Bank of Bahrain and it raised $6 million in Series A funding. (Fonte:Bloomberg) The first cryptocurrency exchange Rain, which earned a regulatory licence in the Middle East has won major backing from US crypto. Rain Financial Inc, founded by four entrepreneurs – Almoaiqel, Nelson, Dallago and Badawy […]

Saudi Arabia – The Kingdom decided to reopen Qatar embassy


Saudi Arabia is determined to restore the relationship with Qatar after 4 years dispute. (Fonte:Aljazeera) The Saudi embassy in Doha will be reopened in the coming days, following the agreement that will end the dispute between four Arab countries and Qatar.   The Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan declared that the issue is became only […]

Saudi Arabia – Covid-19 recoveries under control


The Kingdom reported recovery rates are stable and controlled and announced 5 deaths due to COVID-19’s complications on Saturday (Fonte:Arabnews) Jeddah – The health situation in the Kingdom is serious but stable. The Ministry of Health registered a total of over 356,000 recoveries until now. Riyadh is the city with the highest rate of recoveries […]

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