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Italy top for circular economy among EU big guns

Italy ranks first among the EU big guns when it comes to the circular economy, according to a report released on Friday by the Circular Economy Network (Cen) and the National Agency for New Technology, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (Enea). The report compared the performance of the EU’s five largest economies – Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Poland – using the European Commission’s circular-economy indicators. Italy came first with 45 points, followed by Germany (38), France (30), and Poland and Spain (26). In a circular economy, existing materials and products are shared, leased, reused, repaired, refurbished, and recycled for as long as possible in order to decouple environmental pressure from economic growth.

Link: https://www.ansa.it/english/news/business/2024/05/10/italy-top-for-circular-economy-among-eu-big-guns_b886f975-5684-4914-a8eb-452a5ef207cb.html

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