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E-commerce in Italy, reached 133 billion euros in value: equals 7% of national GDP

In 2022, e-commerce generated a total value of more than 133.6 billion euros in Italy, accounting for 7 percent of GDP, an increase of 13.9 percent over the previous year.

The results come from research by Netcomm, in collaboration with Althesys, presented during the conference “European Elections and Digital Commerce – Future Scenarios and Prospects for the Competitiveness of Italy and Europe” in Rome.

The economic impact of the supply chain
The sector created 1.6 million jobs, a 12.4 percent increase over 2021, accounting for 6.4 percent of total employment in Italy, with total gross wages of 35 billion euros, registering a 13.2 percent increase over 2021. Thanks to this wealth, the state has been able to invest 49.6 billion euros in public services and infrastructure, accounting for 9.1 percent of 2022 tax revenue.

Link: https://quifinanza.it/economia/e-commerce-pil-italia/823605/

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