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Tunisian textile sector adopts roadmap for successful green transition

The Tunisian textile sector has just drawn up a roadmap setting out the steps to be taken to ensure the success of its green transition. 

The roadmap was drawn up by the technical committees set up to monitor the “Green Transition of Tunisian Textiles” project, an innovative initiative led by the Tunisian Textile and Clothing Federation (FTTH) to promote environmental sustainability in the Tunisian textile industry.

The initiative aims to recycle 90% of wastewater, reduce companies’ carbon footprints by 30%, use 100% renewable electricity, reduce textile waste by 50% and certify 100 textile companies to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 standards, by 2030.

Link: https://www.tap.info.tn/en/Portal-Economy/17429243-tunisian-textile

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