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‘WEF conference in Riyadh testified to growing global interest in Saudi Vision 2030 reform agenda,’ EUSR to Gulf Luigi Di Maio tells Arab News

 Riyadh’s hosting of the World Economic Forum this week is a signal of the global business community’s growing interest in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 reform agenda, Luigi Di Maio, the EU special representative for the Gulf region, has said.

WEF’s special meeting on global collaboration, growth and energy for development took place in the Saudi capital on April 28-29 and was attended by 1,000 government, business and civil society leaders.

Di Maio, who is approaching his first anniversary in his role as EU special representative for the Gulf region, believes the choice of Riyadh as the summit venue reflects changing global perceptions of the Kingdom.

“First of all, the fact that the World Economic Forum, for the first time, is in Riyadh, testifies to the interest of the business community at the world level about the Vision 2030 program,” Di Maio told Arab News on Tuesday.

Link: https://www.arabnews.com/node/2502241/saudi-arabia

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