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Coal, nuclear and water. Why the Italian G7 energy summit matters

The meeting concluded with a landmark agreement to phase out coal by 2035 and a commitment to invest $600 billion a year to support renewables. Italy aligns with France in supporting nuclear energy, while the G7 underlined the importance of North-South cooperation on climate finance. In the background, Italy is seeking coordination between the Mattei Plan for Africa and G7 projects on green energy and sustainable finance

2035, the new target. The G7 Meeting on Climate, Energy and the Environment in Turin has reached a historic agreement to phase out the use of coal, the most polluting fossil fuel, by 2035. The agreement came after intense negotiations with Germany and Japan, which are still heavily dependent on energy generated by coal-fired power plants. 

Link: https://decode39.com/9024/italian-g7-energy-summit/

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