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Tunisian Government determined to promote aeronautics industry

 The Tunisian Government is determined to consolidate the aeronautics industry by ensuring a close supervision of all players operating in this sector and guaranteeing a climate conducive to growth and development, said Economy and Planning Minister, Feryel Ouerghi.

He added that the goal is to position Tunisia as a key player on a national and international scale.

Speaking on Tuesday during the 4th edition of the «Aerospace Meetings Tunisia» , organized from April 23 to 25, in Gammarth (northern suburb of Tunis), the minister reiterated that «the aeronautics industry remains a pillar sector on which Tunisia is banking to move forward.»

«Our goal is to promote promising sectors and particularly sectors with strong technological continuity and high added value, which will make it possible to create more jobs and have a qualified workforce,» the minister pointed out.

Link: https://www.zawya.com/en/business/aviation/tunisian-government-determined-to-promote-aeronautics-industry-hks6xkl5#

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