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“Strategic” transition, green economy and circular model: Italian success story

The advent of the green economy and the rapid transition from the linear economy – from production to waste – to the circular economy – from production to the recycling of waste and its reuse – have led, in recent years, to the development of new products and new production methods, to redefine services to the individual and the community, expanding the offer of the Italian production system, and to reposition the peripheral areas of the Italian provinces as central, precisely for the natural role of protecting and enhancing territorial heritage. As we will try to demonstrate, in the circular economy trend, the innovations of the digital and ecological transition, based on polycentric and reticular architectures, do not seem at all foreign to the traditional Italian development model, founded on networks of small and medium-sized enterprises and on the strong identity of local areas, on the artisan and peasant culture of saving and thrift, on the propensity for innovation, and above all on the historical community participation in the economic and social development of the territories. And indeed it is precisely the integration between ecological and digital innovations with the culture of small and medium-sized Italian businesses, and with the sense of belonging of local communities, that has determined Italian success in various supply chains of the circular economy.

Link: https://www.secoloditalia.it/2024/04/transizione-strategica-green-economy-e-modello-circolare-storia-del-successo-italiano/

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