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France, Germany, Italy call for single EU industrial strategy

The EU needs a common strategy in response to Chinese interventionism and US protectionism, the economic and business ministers of France, Germany and Italy said after meeting to discuss European industrial policy in Meudon, near Paris, on Monday.

“What strikes me is that everybody in the world has an economic strategy, except for Europe,” French finance minister Bruno Le Maire told his counterparts as he opened the third such trilateral meeting since 2023.

“It’s our duty as the ministers of Europe’s three most powerful economies, representing more than 60% of European wealth, to define this economic strategy for the twenty-first century,” he said.

Le Maire was joined by Robert Habeck, German federal minister for economic affairs and Italian business minister Adolfo Urso, to discuss the development of green and digital technologies in advance of the European Council adopting its strategic agenda for 2024-2029 later this year. Industry representatives also participated in the debate.

Link: https://sciencebusiness.net/news/industry/france-germany-italy-call-single-eu-industrial-strategy

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