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Saudi Red Sea Crude Exports To Europe Soar

Saudi Arabia is sending 3.1mn b/d through its East-West crude oil pipeline to refineries, power plants and export terminals in the west of the kingdom. Crude oil exports to Europe from its Red Sea terminals have jumped in early 2024 as Saudi Arabia capitalizes on its ability to bypass Houthi attacks on shipping.

Saudi Aramco’s investment in strategic flexibility and developing diverse export outlets is paying dividends as the firm reinforces its position as a reliable supplier of crude oil and refined products to Europe amid the ongoing Red Sea turmoil.

Link: https://www.mees.com/2024/3/22/opec/saudi-red-sea-crude-exports-to-europe-soar/a7e6cd50-e860-11ee-8ef9-1f9ceedbcbbf

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