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Eni turns 70. Meloni: “Italy natural hub for energy in Europe.” Descalzi: “Excellence.” 

Eni is 70 years old and “has always been a reference point for Italy,” says Premier Giorgia Meloni according to whom “today the energy crisis can become an opportunity” as the country can “aspire to become the natural energy supply hub for the whole of Europe.”

But first “we need to complete the replacement of Russian gas,” which today due to the ongoing wars appears “more complex,” explains the energy group’s CEO Claudio Descalzi. “Energy” is a “key to building an equal and win-win partnership” with African countries, and is “one of the pieces” of the Mattei Plan, the premier added.  

Link: https://www.repubblica.it/economia/finanza/2023/10/11/news/eni_compie_70_anni_meloni_italia_hub_naturale_per_lenergia_in_europa_descalzi_eccellenza-417504540/

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