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Boating, Italy first in exports. In 2023 it exceeds 3.7 billion 

GDP in 2023 could grow by 0.8 percent. This would be, according to sources close to the dossier, the estimate that the government is preparing to include in the Nadef, thus revising downward the one in the April Def, which indicated a growth of 1 percent. After all, the minus sign (-0.4 percent) fell on second-quarter GDP, and the European Commission in early September cut its estimates for this year (+0.9 percent) and next year (+0.8 percent). Instead, trend GDP in 2024, which is the starting point for calculating the programmatic GDP estimate, would be around 1 percent from the 1.4 percent estimated in the DEF. In short, economic trends turned out to be less positive than expected, both for this year and next.

Link: https://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/nautica-italia-prima-export-2023-supera-37-miliardi-AFx5u6w

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