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Saudi Arabia a Dynamic, Influential Leader in Regional, Global Digital Economy

Saudi Minister of Communications and Information Technology Eng. Abdullah bin Amer Al-Swaha reiterated that the Kingdom remains resolute in its role as a dynamic and influential leader in both the regional and global digital economy.
He underscored the Kingdom’s pivotal role within the G20, where it actively contributes to shaping digital policies and spearheads numerous initiatives aimed at addressing the global digital divide.
Under India’s leadership of the G20 this year with the theme “One Earth, One Family, One Future,” the digital economy working group has identified three core priorities: public digital infrastructure, cybersecurity in the digital economy, and skills development.

Link:  https://english.aawsat.com/gulf/4538956-al-swaha-saudi-arabia-dynamic-influential-leader-regional-global-digital-economy

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