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Jordanians on Forbes’ top 2,000 CEOs list

In 2022, total foreign direct investments reached approximately $51.8 billion for 15 Arab countries, according to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
The UAE attracted around $22.74 billion, Egypt received $11.4 billion, and Saudi Arabia secured $7.89 billion in foreign direct investments.

[ The list comprises 103 CEOs leading 100 regional offices in the Middle East and North Africa for companies ranked in Forbes’ Global 2000 list. Ammon News reports that 48 percent of these companies are headquartered in the United States, with the remainder located in 17 other countries. The executives on the list represent 41 nationalities, with France, India, and Lebanon leading with 10 leaders each, followed by the UK with eight, Germany with six, and Jordan with four. ]

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