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Italy: desalination as a solution to the water crisis

Desalination plants, water price on islands plummeted from 16 to 1.5 euro. Italy lags behind Spain with only 40 small plants. The agricultural sector does not make any use of desalinated water 

“In Italy we need a programmatic instrument that includes desalination among the solutions of an integrated water supply system. Instead, for years we have seen ideas being proposed by administrations and utilities during periods of greatest drought, which then struggle to become concrete projects’.

Pietro Tota (video), country manager for Italy of Acciona Agua, the division of the Spanish group Acciona that specialises in the integrated water cycle and is one of the world leaders in the desalination sector, with more than 90 reverse osmosis plants built around the world, has been present in Italy since 2000. 

Link:  https://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/dissalatori-isole-prezzo-dell-acqua-crollato-16-15-euro-AFZPHHL

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