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Italy: Rooftop photovoltaics and the opportunities for businesses

The potential of solar energy in Italy remains untapped. In fact, it amounts to 110 thousand factories and industrial warehouses that could host a large-scale photovoltaic system on their roofs. In terms of area, we are talking about 300 square kilometers. That would be enough to install 30 GW of new power, more than half of what our country needs to meet the 2030 targets, with an investment of between 30 and 36 billion euros and CO2 savings of about 9 thousand tons per year.

These are the data processed by Cerved, a tech-company that has systematized the vast amount of information it has – satellite images of the territory, energy consumption of companies, costs of photovoltaic systems – and invested in an application to process them through artificial intelligence, thus facilitating the match between companies and financial institutions that want to support clean energy production.

Link: https://www.canaleenergia.com/rubriche/digirinnovabili/il-fotovoltaico-sui-tetti-e-le-opportunita-per-le-imprese/#:~:text=Il%20potenziale%20dell’energia%20solare,di%20circa%20300%20chilometri%20quadrati

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