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Tourism boom sends Wadi Rum camp occupancy rates past 80%: Jordan

The increase in the number of tourists arriving in the Kingdom resulted in Wadi Rum’s camp occupancy rates exceeding 80 per cent, according to a stakeholder. “The occupancy rate in Wadi Rum camps has soared with the recent tourism boom,” said Saleh Neimat, the Wadi Rum district director. Neimat told The Jordan Times that “over 300,000 tourists visited Wadi Rum since the beginning of the current year,” adding that there are ongoing efforts to start new projects to improve services and enhance the development of tourism in the area.

Link: https://www.zawya.com/en/economy/levant/tourism-boom-sends-wadi-rum-camp-occupancy-rates-past-80-jordan-us80qok2

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