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More than $1.7trln will be invested in clean energy in 2023 – IEA

Clean-energy investments have received a significant boost in 2023; in fact, they have overtaken spending on fossil fuels, thanks to the recovery from the COVID-triggered slump and a swift response to the recent global energy crisis. “Comparing our estimates for 2023 with the data for 2021, annual clean energy investment has risen much faster than investment in fossil fuels over this period (24% vs 15),” International Energy Agency (IEA), said in its report, World Energy Investment 2023. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has accelerated momentum behind the deployment of range of clean energy technologies, even as it also prompted a short-term scramble for oil and gas supply, the IEA noted.

Link: https://www.zawya.com/en/wealth/sustainability/more-than-17trln-will-be-invested-in-clean-energy-in-2023-iea-bma0jrqw

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