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Egyptian agri exports exceed 3.4 million tons from Jan-May 2023

The Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture has reported that agricultural exports during the period Jan-May  2023 amounted to about 3,4 million tons of agricultural products, an increase of 432,342 tons, year-on-year.

The report indicated that the most important agricultural exports are citrus fruits, potatoes, fresh onions, yams, pomegranates, garlic, strawberries, beans, guavas, tomatoes, and grapes, and fresh potatoes, which ranked second in agricultural exports after citrus fruits, while 238,916 tons of onions were exported, occupying the third place in exports, and beans occupied the fourth place in agricultural exports with a total of 54,588 tons.

Link: https://www.freshplaza.com/asia/article/9531271/egyptian-agri-exports-exceed-3-4-million-tons-from-jan-may-2023/?utm_medium=email

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