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Economy, Italy on the rise: GDP rises by 0.5 %

A better-than-expected result, which now pushes growth prospects for the whole of 2023 even beyond the 1 per cent estimated by the government in the recent Economic and Financial Document (DEF). The year started well for the Italian economy, with gross domestic product advancing by 0.5 per cent in the first quarter compared to the previous quarter and by 1.8 per cent compared to the corresponding period of 2023. These numbers make it possible to calculate an acquired growth of 0.8 per cent: this is the average increase for the whole of 2023 that would occur in the event of a flat economy in the remaining part of the year. Since, as Intesa Sanpaolo analysts point out, the latter is a rather unlikely hypothesis, the final figure should be at least around 1 per cent, if not beyond.

Link:  https://www.ilmessaggero.it/economia/news/pil_italia_crescita_meglio_francia_germania_cosa_significa-7371571.html

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