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Italy: Agriculture Tuscany protagonist Pnrr, 130 million

Over 130 million euro for Tuscan agriculture. The great work carried out by Masaf and the timeliness with which the objectives were achieved has made it possible to obtain respectable measures for the Tuscan agricultural sector. 

This is how Masaf undersecretary Patrizio La Pietra commented on the Pnrr funding for the Tuscan agricultural sector “The results speak for themselves,” he added in a note, “the Pnrr measures under Masaf’s responsibility provide for total resources of about 3.68 billion euro. Considering also the complementary National Plan, this amounts to 4.88 billion euro. This is an unprecedented record figure that has been obtained by the ministry and granted by the European Commission to favour structural interventions that span multiple areas of strategic importance’.

Link: https://www.ansa.it/pnrr/notizie/regioni/toscana/2023/05/09/la-pietra-agricoltura-toscana-protagonista-pnrr130-milioni_9f18f359-2438-40ad-9a77-d12b17b80e86.html

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