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EU hydropower alliance kicks off, Enel is also involved

In their manifesto the ten majors point out that ‘hydropower plants provide affordable, dispatchable and secure renewable electricity’. “Hydropower facilitates the integration of large amounts of renewable energy from intermittent sources into the system, providing flexibility to the system, including storage,” the companies explain, pointing out that “these two functions make hydropower an essential technology for the EU’s climate and energy ambitions” and that “in the future, refurbished, repowered and new hydropower plants, as well as pumped storage hydropower, will continue to ensure an electricity system ready to accommodate an increasing share of renewable generation.”

Link: https://www.ansa.it/canale_ambiente/notizie/energia/2023/05/04/al-via-lalleanza-ue-per-lidroelettrico-ce-anche-enel-2_88813d40-4ce5-485d-aa59-e45658e91189.html

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