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Algeria first Italian partner in Africa

Algeria has become Italy’s leading trading partner in the whole of Africa and also in the Middle East region, with trade worth almost 20 billion dollars created mainly by gas.

This was pointed out by the Italian ambassador in Algiers, Giovanni Pugliese, in an interview with the ‘Al Iqtissadia El Oula’ news channel. 

“We have gone from a trade volume of around eight billion dollars in 2021 to almost 20 billion today,” Pugliese said in the interview relayed on Facebook last night by the broadcaster.

Link: https://www.ansa.it/canale_ambiente/notizie/energia/2023/04/04/gas-spinge-scambi-algeria-primo-partner-italiano-in-africa_c6a5f63b-c17c-4b1e-9419-edf5a6952c11.html

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