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Qatar’s strong platform a solid base for investors

Qatar is one of the fastest- growing economies and most credible investment markets in the Mena region. The country’s economic policies have provided support for various sectors and bolstered their contribution to economic growth, thus strengthening and enhancing investor confidence in the national economy. Speaking to The Peninsula, Farhan Al Sheikh Al Sayed, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist and the President of the Walking Football Federation, Asia and Qatar said, “A large number of investors are showing interest in investing in Qatar not only because it is an important player in LNG market, but it is also a peacemaker around the world. Thanks to His Highness’ wise leadership which has created a strong platform for investments in Qatar and helped to create a strong base within the GCC and Mena.” 

Link: https://thepeninsulaqatar.com/article/13/01/2023/qatars-strong-platform-a-solid-base-for-investors

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