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Superbonus, over 50 thousand construction sites in Lombardy for 9.2 billion. But the housing system has lost 2,100 businesses in the past year

Over 50 thousand construction sites started, first in Italy. Works admitted for 9.2 billion, concluded for 6.8 billion. These are the numbers of the 110% Superbonus, the tax incentive for energy efficiency and earthquake-proofing, in the Region. Processing them is Cna Lombardia, right in the hours when the race to grab the 110% bonus is consuming: by November 25, Cilas must be submitted to take advantage of the maximum deduction even on expenses made in 2023. 

Link: https://news.italy-24.com/local/220593/Superbonus-Lombardy-first-in-Italy-for-interventions-started.html

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