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PNRR plans: Rfi tenders – 4.6 billion awarded, 5.1 underway and another 6.8 to be launched

It is a monstrous job that is being done by Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (Rfi) during 2022: 14 billion in negotiating activity for the NRPR, which rises to 19 billion if other strategic works outside the Plan (e.g., those that are commissioned) are also considered. Moreover, for many of the tenders launched, the work has been twofold, considering that a first tender was followed by a second one, corrected for cost increases, with work to update the price lists first and the economic framework of each individual work later.

Link: https://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/gare-rfi-46-miliardi-aggiudicati-51-corso-e-altri-68-lanciare-AEEWtXJC

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