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Pnrr: Invitalia reopens the Renewables and batteries counter

From 12 on 28 November 2022 it will again be possible to ask Invitalia for the concessions of the development contract for the “Renewables and batteries” desk, provided for in the Pnrr. This was announced by Invitalia in a note. The branch will remain open until 5 pm on 28 February 2023, with an endowment of approximately 358 million euros divided as follows: 142 million for the “PV Technology” sub-investment; 58 million for the “wind industry”; 157 million euros for the “Battery sector” sub-investment.

Links https://www.ansa.it/pnrr/notizie/energia_green/2022/11/18/pnrr-invitalia-riapre-lo-sportello-rinnovabili-e-batterie_4f4b7ed3-0cf4-4021-85bb-a918354f2524.html

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