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Italian management companies have the largest percentage of female managers in Europe

Only 12% of the managers present in the Citywire database are female, but this is the figure at a global level, things change considerably when analyzing the female presence at a single country level. However, a clarification is necessary: when speaking of a single country, reference is made only to funds domiciled in that country, or managed by management companies based there, funds domiciled in Luxembourg or Ireland are not considered, even if belonging to management groups of a specific country; the countries considered are then those that have at least 100 managers present in the database.  The ranking of countries with the highest percentage of female managers is in fact led by Taiwan, with 27% of female managers and 26% of funds managed exclusively by a woman or a team of women. In second place is Hong Kong with 24%, but only 13% of all female funds, while Italy (22%) and Spain (21%) are the only two European countries to boast a percentage of more than 20% of managers female; to have a term of comparison, France stops at 18%, Sweden has a percentage point less and Norway and Denmark are below 10%, the bottom with a share of only 5% are India, Lichtenstein and Brazil. 

Link: https://www.repubblica.it/economia/rapporti/obiettivo-capitale/mercati/2022/09/21/news/le_societa_di_gestione_italiane_hanno_la_piu_elevata_percentuale_di_gestori_donna_in_europa-366616467/

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