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JIACC welcomes Dhamani 1969 Jewelry Company

The Joint Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce welcomes Dhamani 1969 Jewelry Company. Dhamani, a premium luxury jewelry house that collects a unique selection of diamond encrusted jewelry gems, was founded in 1969 in Jaipur. Today “Dhamani 1969” boasts high-end bespoke jewelry creations exclusively designed and produced by Dhamani 1969 in Italy. With a quality of excellence, Dhamani understands the intrinsic value and cultural importance of jewelry in today’s world. During these 30 years, the Dhamani Group has evolved from a gem and diamond wholesaling business to having major high-end jewelry brands such as Dhamani 1969, Dhamani Jewels, DuSoul and Laviere with Dubai as their headquarters. Dhamani is a Harvard Business School Alumni and it’s on the Board of Directors of the Dubai Diamond Exchange (DDE) and the Dubai Gold and Jewelery Group and on the Board of Governors of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).
The Dhamani brand has been adding a bright spark to people’s lives for over forty five years with the finest quality jewelry set in world-class designs. The House of Dhamani has earned an enviable reputation in the market for brilliant stones, perfect cuts, skilled workmanship and ethical sourcing. Dhamani’s leadership position in the market has also earned it the ambitious exclusive rights to the “Dubai Cut Diamond” granted by the Dubai Metal & Commodities Center.

Dhamani CEO Amit Dhamani won the “CEO of Premium Brand of the Year” award. At a prestigious event held in Dubai on March 30, the Retail Jewelers Awards recognized CEO – Amit Dhamani as the CEO of Premium Brand of the Year. In its third year, the awards ceremony was attended by 150 leading and elite retail jewelers from the Middle East, India, North Africa, as well as presidents, CEOs, CEOs of renowned mining councils and organizations including GJEPC , De Beers, Fura Gems and Dubai Gold and Jewelry Group.

Dhamani is featured in the most esquisite locations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi including Burj al Arab and Dubai Mall (Dubai) and Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi).

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