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Saudi Arabia: Public Investment Fund (PIF) Program 2021-2025

“Elevate the Kingdom.. Uplift the World”

As a catalyst for Vision 2030, Saudi Arabia’s transformation blueprint, PIF Program plays a pivotal role locally, by investing in local projects that will support the advancement of Saudi Arabia’s priority sectors.

Such measures will unfold new opportunities for non-oil GDP growth, generate more jobs, increase local content, empower a thriving private sector, improve quality of life, and solidify the Kingdom’s leadership position.

PIF Vision Realization Program (VRP) was launched by CEDA in 2017 as part of an integrated programs to achieve
the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and to work in joined forces with other VRPs to contribute to the Kingdom’s economic
social growth, further its global position, and uncover its pioneering investment power.

PIF VRP is directly mandated to realize the Vision’s second pillar “Thriving Economy”. During the first edition of
the program (2018-2020), PIF contributed in achieving tangible impact at the investment and economic levels,
transforming mindsets, international performance, planning and implementation.

PIF has come a long way since its beginning, achieving many of its ambitious investments and institutional plans,
and now is ready for the next stage of growth by setting its policies, strategies, plans and vision for the coming
years (2021-2025) through identifying its main objectives on the local and international investments levels. PIF
aims to act as an economic diversification engine, developing strategic sectors and solid economic partnerships
that deepen the Kingdom’s regional and global influence.

In line with 2030 vision, in its second edition (2021-2025) will continue its endeavor as one of the Vision
Realization Programs (VRPs) to achieve its objectives and contribute in diversifying the kingdom’s economy,
cultivate new sectors and leading towards vibrant society, thriving economy and ambitious nation.

With its mandate broadened, PIF is now tasked with a vital and specific strategic role within Vision 2030 to lead the charge in building a national economic transformation for positive, sustainable change in Saudi Arabia. PIF supports the development of the local economy, endeavors to expand its portfolio of international assets, and aims at maximizing sustainable returns for the national economy.

The four Purpose Principles that best capture PIF’s core and which helped shape the PIF Purpose are:
Innovate Boldly, Cultivate Connection, Inspire the World and Champion Tomorrow.

PIF’ has defined a purpose that stems from a local standpoint and expands to reach the global level. This purpose serves as a beacon that guides PIF’s vision, strategy and mission, which is:
“Elevate the Kingdom.. Uplift the World”

To read and download the full PIF Strategy2021-2025 report click here

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