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JIACC welcomes OMT spa

OMT Spa is leader in the design, production and distribution of road tanker trucks and semitrailers for the transportation of LPG, fuel, bitumen, chemicals products, water and container trailers.

The company based in the North-West of Italy, started his activity in 1928 as one of the first Italian producer of vessels for road, naval and agro transportation. In a short time, it became the leader of the Italian market for the production of semitrailers and tanker trucks.
Today, based in a modern factory, which was made in 1997, it is specialized in the production of tank semitrailers for petroleum products (such as fuels and diesel) bitumen (hot oils), hazardous chemical products, LPG tank and semitrailer container chassis flatbed or extendable.

Efficiency and reliability are very important values for OMT, its qualified staff is steadily looking for innovative technologies to improve, day by day, its products and services.
Thanks to the wide range of tanks produced in the years, OMT has achieved the experience and the skills to satisfy the requests from the international market.

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