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Egypt: Updates from ACI (Advanced Cargo Information System)

We received information from Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, regarding the procedures updates for the ACI registration that controls and set policies that should be followed, noting that it will be mandatory operating from the 1st of October 2021 for maritime import shipments.

This due to the successive meetings with members of the trading community that been held recently discussing the policies and decrees that should be followed during the ACI registration and uploading & sending the required documents (ex: invoice, bill of lading, etc..) from the exporter to the Egyptian importer through the Block-chain (Cargo X),

Referring to the first period of the 222 decree for year 2021, which states that the exporter / manufacturer must send the needed documents through CargoX (Block Chain) to Nafeza, it’s been noticed that the majority of exporters are not ready yet for sending the E-Invoice to the Egyptian importer.

Therefore, the ACI provides multiple methods for uploading and sending those data (Structured Data) as follows:

1)      Invoice data entry using MS Excel:

·         The exporter downloads the (Invoice MS Excel Template) which is designed by MTS.

·         The exporter starts to insert the mandatory data within the required fields that was previously set for and sends it to Nafeza MTS through Cargo X (Block-Chain)

·         Importer should review the data sent by the exporter using his Nafeza account before sending it to customs.

This method is used when the invoice data is limited or capable to add it in an Excel Sheet.

2)      Converting the invoice from PDF to MS Excel:


·         The exporter/ importer should create the invoice as a “Readable PDF File Format” generated from the ERP system directly.

·         The exporter / importer should use the “Mapping” method by numbering the data fields that was previously set for the exporter as a guide mentioned in “Nafeza Invoice Template Fields”.

·         Mapping method is used by inserting the serial in RED with shading in Yellow and send it to MTS team.

After finishing the pre-steps, the exporter can sign in to his Cargo X account and ask for “Convert invoice from PDF to MS Excel” service using the RPA system, where he can download it as a PDF file as mentioned in step (1) so it can be converted to an Excel Sheet.

This method is used when the exporter is not yet ready to send the invoice as structured data in an Excel Sheet.

And to make it easier for the foreign trade community, the exporter can benefit from this extra service for free valid for 6 months through Cargo X (Block-Chain).

Click to download:

MS Excel E-Invoice Template for method no (1)

Nafeza Field FormTemplate with Mapping Method for method no (2)

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