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Saudi Arabia – The Kingdom started the vaccination campaign against Covid-19

The Health Ministry registered 1 million users apply for the vaccine through the official app.

(Fonte:Arabnews) Jeddah – About 1 million users have registered on the official app “Sehhaty app” to receive the vaccine. Until now the vaccination campaign is very efficient with more than 100.000 residents inoculated in the three vaccination centers of the country, in the Riyadh region, Makkah region and the Eastern Province.

The government is still working to open other centers in the country, enhancing the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

Currently, the situation in Saudi Arabia sees a total of 2,206 active cases, with 351 of them in critical conditions. The city of Riyadh registered the highest cases of recoveries, with a total of 33, and Jeddah with 16 recoveries while in the rest of the country single digit recoveries have been reported.

The number of deaths has raised to 6,272 due to coronavirus infection. The Interior Ministry continues to invoke social distancing and the respect of all the safety measures to limit the spread of COVID-19. The Ministry requested further an enhancing of vigilance to control illegal gatherings. Furthermore, fines will increase after the first offense, warning that the measures are essential to “win this war”.

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