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Italy – New emergency decree

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has signed the last set of rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Italy.

(Fonte:TheLocal) Most of the current rules are extended until October 7th 2020. This new decree will be valid for 30 days, meanwhile the government will decide if extend or rivisit the rules.

As expected rules on face masks are still in place. People must were face masks in enclosed public spaces such as public trasport or shops.

They must also be worn in outdoor areas between 6pm-6am, as the rule introduced on August 15th has also been extended under the new decree.

Most travel restrictions stay in place, people returning from trips to Spain, Malta, Greece and Croatia will be tested on arrival.

The decree also keeps in place a ban on entry from countries on Italy’s no-travel list. There are 16 countries currently included: Armenia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bosnia Herzegovina, Chile, Kuwait, North Macedonia, Moldova, Oman, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

The new decree allows public transport to increase the maximum capacity to 80%. School buses will be able to travel at full capacity if children do not stay on board more than 15 minutes.

Stadiums will remain closed in September, it is allowed to watch sports in person just for minor events with less then 1,000 for outdoor events and 200 indoors.

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