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Qatar – eCommerce grows faster than expected

E-commerce in Qatar is booming as an increasing number of companies are vying to tap into the country’s growing online retail market.

(Fonte:ThepensinsulaQatar) Currently, over 350 e-commerce websites are registered in Qatar.
Qatar’s e-commerce space has a mix of big and small players as some websites are run by well known hypermarkets and retailers, while others are owned by start-ups.

According to Impact Survey Report-2019 by MoTC, the e-commerce penetration rate in Qatar in 2019 was 37 percent compared to 15 percent in 2018.

The potential for further rapid expansion of the online retail market in Qatar is enormous due to ever-improving high speed Internet technologies and 5G connections.

Also, high level of disposable income among its citizens and expatriates offers enormous room for growth in the e-commerce space..  

The online shopping has also received a big push with the outbreak of COVID-19. The pandemic has forced retailers to boost their online sales. Customers have also moved to online shopping as they remain at home due to COVID-19 related restrictions. 

Last year, MoTC, in association with MoCI, launched ‘Theqa’ programme, which is aimed at stimulating Qatar’s e-commerce sector and developing local online retail sales by encouraging citizens and residents to trust the country’s e-commerce ecosystem

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