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Fincantieri and Mer Mec acquire Vitrociset

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Fincantieri, one of world’s leaders in shipbuilding, and Mer Mec, world leader in measuring trains and safety systems – company belonging to the Angel group of Vito Pertosa, a high-tech industrial player that designs and develops high-tech solutions for the Aviation, Space, Transport, Survey and Internet of Things – have signed an agreement for the joint and equally split acquisition of 98.54% of Vitrociset, company involved in training and support in the ICT field in the defence and security market, as well as in logistics, transport and space sectors.

Source: Fincantieri – Vitrociset is active in the field of automation, command and control systems design, in test activities, simulation and training, as well as in the development of security systems of data distribution through the three Business Units, Defence & Security, Space & Big Science and
Transport & Infrastructure. The company targets highly competitive and extremely diversified
markets, and it supplies a wide range of institutional and corporate customers, government bodies,
including the Ministry of Defence, the Italian Army, the Nato Support Agency, the European Space
Agency and Lockheed Martin, to name but a few. It employs about 800 people and has generated
revenues for approximately 163 million euros in 2017, with an increase expected in 2018.

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