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Italy postpones elimination of regulated gas and power tariffs

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The elimination of regulated gas and power tariffs in Italy has been pushed back a further year to mid 2020 by the Constitutional Affairs Commission of Italy’s Senate, the fourth time the deadline has been extended

(Fonte: Standard & Poor’s Global) The pause will give the new government and other market players “thinking time” to reach the best solution, Francesco Starace, CEO of Italy’s largest power company Enel said, although he noted there was a lot of pressure from the EU to open the market since the current situation was close to infringing its rules. The government’s Undersecretary for Energy Davide Crippa said in a note late Friday the time would be used to “improve the conditions to create a competitive system that would result in better and more transparent prices for consumers.” The Senate Commission gave its approval Friday evening to a government request to roll the deadline over for a further year, from July 2019 to the new date of July 2020, Senate documents showed

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