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Italian Embassy in Sudan launches the initiative “Ape Felice”

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On the occasion of the Italian National Day’s Celebrations, the Italian Embassy in Sudan has launched a new initiative of solidarity entitled Ape Felice

Source: Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Recently acquired in Khartoum, a three-wheeled Ape City for people transport, produced by the Italian company Piaggio (the firm is in a phase of advanced negotiation in order to finalize a commercial alliance with a Sudanese partner) Italian institutions in Sudan are getting ready to use this very common local transport to reach bodies, organizations, associations in need and to donate, little by little, revenues coming from the several fundraising activities for charitable purposes, organized during the months to come. The Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Lobasso explains: “The initiative is about an experiment of intercultural and supportive diplomacy which, in a very Italian style, aims at benefitting the most vulnerable groups of the Sudanese Civil Society, using a real local icon such as a three-wheeled vehicle (rickshaw, or also tuc-tuc) to cross Khartoum, to reach the Sudanese people who are more in need and to donate solidarity and friendship from who desires to participate to their happiness and wellbeing”

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