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Italy Wants to Put a Million Electric Cars on the Road

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The government in Italy, Europe’s most sluggish market for electric cars, has a big-bang plan to put 1 million of the vehicles on the nation’s roads. Getting anywhere near that target could cost the state $10 billion in incentives

Source: Bloomberg – As coalition partners the League and the Five Star Movement haggled last month over their contract to govern, Five Star managed to insert a passage on “reductions in gasoline and diesel vehicles.” The document goes on to call for “incentives to support the acquisition of electric and hybrid vehicles” — a cash-for-clunkers program. While the contract doesn’t set numeric targets, Five Star’s 31 year-old leader Luigi Di Maio, whose dual posts as labor and development minister and deputy premier are his first paid jobs in government, is on record with an ambitious, some say unrealistic, goal of 1 million battery-powered cars by 2022. That would make Italy Europe’s leader in electric cars

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