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Italian Exports Continue to Grow

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Despite uncertainties, the future awaiting Italian exports in the next four years is one of growth and opportunity. Backed by the marked development in the past ten years and excellent performance in 2017, Italian exports have all the potential to keep growing and seizing the opportunities presented by the foreign markets, even in a highly complex context

Source: SACE – This is the picture drawn by “Keep Calm & Made in Italy”, the latest Export Report of the SACE SIMEST Hub, presented today in Milan. The study, which includes projections for Italian exports in 2018-2021 by country and sector and provides details on the global phenomena of greatest impact, projects a picture of guarded optimism for our exporting companies and devotes an in-depth look at the infrastructure sector, the key to bolstering Italy’s international penetration. “The brilliant performance of Italian exports in 2017 is not an isolated victory but confirmation of the strength of our exports, which since the crisis of 2008 have adjusted, improved in quality, focused in specialization, and are increasingly oriented toward markets of greatest potential, stated SACE Chairman Beniamino Quintieri. “For 2018 we predict a 5.8% increase in Italian exports, a positive trend that will continue into the following three years at an average annual rate of 4.5%: a true ‘national heritage’, exports will continue to make a decisive contribution to the growth of the country”. After a brilliant performance in 2017 (+ 7.4%), Italian exports will continue to advance in 2018 (+ 5.8%) and in the following three years 2019-2021 (+ 4.5% annual average), approaching € 500 billion in 2019 and exceeding 540 billion in 2021. Exports of services will also grow and in the projection range could reach € 116 billion

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