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Apple opens applications for Developer Academy in Italy

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Apple on Thursday announced that it’s taking applications for its 2018 Developer Academy in Naples, Italy, accepting people not just from Italy but around the world.

Source: Apple Insider – People who win one of 400 spots will get a free iPhone and Mac, as well as aid with living expenses. The Academy is being run in partnership with the University of Naples Federico II. Applications are open from now until June 8, and include a new “Enterprise Track” for 36 people wanting “more in-depth training” covering topics like cloud deployment, security, and data storage. While knowledge of computer science is required, applicants must not only fill out a form but pass an assessment exam in Naples, Paris, Munich, or London. Winning applicants should be notified by mid-August. The first class at the Academy graduated in June 2017. Apple expects roughly 1,000 people to have gone through the institution by summer of next year.

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