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Employment highest since 2008

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Italian employment is at its highest level since 2008 but growth is slowing, according to the national statistics agency ISTAT.

Source: ANSA – The employment rate rose 0.2 percentage points over February to 58.3%, its highest since October 2008, ISTAT said. The number of employed thus reached 23.134 million, the highest since July 2008. The number of people employed in Italy rose 0.3% or by 62,000 units in March, ISTAT said. The rise was fuelled by the under-35s, the agency said. The rise in employment in March is entirely due to the male component, up 81,000 units, while women fell 19,000 units after months of rises, ISTAT said. Italy’s inactivity rate or the number of people without a job and are not seeking one, dropped to 34.3% in March, its lowest since records began in 1977, ISTAT said. Their number came down over 100,000 units in a single month, the statistics agency said. Italian youth unemployment fell to a post-2011 low of 31.7%, down 0.9 percentage points in March over February, ISTAT said Wednesday. The jobless rate for 15-to-24-year-olds is now at its lowest since December 2011, the statistics agency said. Italian unemployment was steady at 11.0% in March, ISTAT said. It is still at its lowest level since September 2012, the statistics agency said. But it is five percentage points above its pre-crisis levels, it said.

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