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Ansaldo Energia in Tunisia with a new project

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Ansaldo Energia has signed an EPC contract with Société Tunisienne de l’Élecriticité et du Gaz (STEG) to build a gas-fired power plant in Tunisia

Source: Power Engineering International – The plant, with an installed power of 625 MW, is located in Mornaguia, south west of Tunis, and a long-term service agreement contract covering maintenance and assistance work has been allocated to the Italian business. The plant will be equipped with two AE94.3A model gas turbines, plus the relative generators and auxiliary systems, built in Ansaldo Energia’s Genoa production facilities. Work will take 22 months from receipt of the Notice to Proceed. “This new order is the result of concerted teamwork involving the entire company,” said Ansaldo Energia chief executive Giuseppe Zampini. “I’d like to thank the government institutions involved for their constant and effective support in defence of Italian industry on international markets”. Ansaldo Energia has developed a number of power projects in Tunisia: it built the Sousse C and Sousse D plants in the Sidi Abdel-Hamid region and the Rades B plant, and it coordinates service work on the Ghannouch plant

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