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Italian energy firms growing in the MENA region

Energie rinnovabili Jiac

Italian technology in the renewable sector is attracting great interest in southern Mediterranean countries and the Balkans, said Silvana Stella, a manager at ICE, which participated during the weekend in EnergyMed, a fair on renewable energy and environmental sustainability in Naples

Source: ANSA Med – The energy and sustainability sector will boost Italian exports, which already in 2017 reached a record sum of 450 billion euros, a sum that is forecast to grow this year, said the ICE manager. Federico Tunzio, an external advisor for ICE, said that, ”there are investment projects in Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt to bring our technology and our way to save energy in the industry and hotel sectors”. Egypt is ”very interested in depuration and recycling water for agriculture and fish farming”, said Tunzio. ”Among the best opportunities is Cairo, which has a great urbanization problem and parts of the desert bordering with the capital. The program is called ‘desert reclamation’ and includes systems to bring there water and energy with photovoltaics for urban settlements. We are talking about everything that is necessary: from deputation to sewage, agriculture, irrigation, public lights. Revenues are expected in the medium and long-term but Italian companies are understanding the importance of working there. We promoted contacts with a biogas company in northern Italy, a small photovoltaic firm in Rome, a Led lighting company in Frosinone, a company of eco panels in Lamezia Terme. But there are many sectors in which it is possible to invest like healthcare, food quality control, water recycling”

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