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Piaggio Aerospace’s new course

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After a difficult period caused by the global crisis of 2008, Piaggio Aerospace is at a turning point. The CEO, Renato Vaghi, is confident that the new industrial plan, approved in December 2017, will allow the company to expand

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore – The Italian company now controlled by the Mubadala fund of Abu Dhabi has accumulated several orders between 2017 and 2018. Renato Vaghi confirmed in fact that “Piaggio has 20 aircrafts in production: twelve P180 Avanti Evo, a model for civil aviation and eight Hammerhead, a remotely controlled, highly technological military aircraft”. According to the manager, “the objective is to deliver at least eight P180 aircraft by 2018. This year, we should also complete the first development phase of the Hammerhead and bring it into service. We will deliver the first samples to our client, which is the Emirate Air Force “

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