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Italferr gets BIM certification

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Italferr, a company of Italian railway group Ferrovie dello Stato (FS), is the first among Italian engineering firms to obtain a Bim (Building Modeling Information) certification, Italferr said in a statement

Source: ANSA – The certification, the company said, “was awarded by Icmq, one of Italy’s leading certification agencies operating in the engineering and construction sectors”. Bim is a new computer system for building processes that is revolutionizing the world of civil projects and major construction works. The company’s CEO, Carlo Carganico, said that, “this methodology, in which Italferr is a leader, enables us to be a step ahead of our competitors and, most of all, to assure more integrated planning to guarantee better quality as well as faster timing and lower costs compared in the entire cycle of a project’s life”

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