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The Joint Italian Arab Chamber officially recognized by Italian Authorities

During their last meeting in December, Italian Authorities (namely representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economic Development and Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce) have officially recognized the Joint Italian Arab Chamber (from now on JIACC: Joint Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce) and inserted it in the official Register of Mixed Chambers of Commerce, thus making JIACC the sole Italian Arab Chamber of Commerce in the country

“I am persuaded that such acknowledgment, which concludes a two- years recognition process, bears testimony to the hard work that we have all been carrying on in a tireless team effort, as well as to the shared commitment to make this Camber the true point of reference in Italian Arab business and cultural relations. I am confident that such achievement will mark the beginning of a new phase, rich in opportunities to further develop business between Italy and the Arab world.” Said the Chamber’s Chairman, Cesare Trevisani

Last June, 2016, the  Chamber had already been recognized by the Arab League and the Union of Arab Chambers as the sole and only organization authorized to establish and certify the origin of goods destined to exports towards Arab countries

The official recognition by Italian Authorities completes an intense work phase which saw the Chamber protagonist in a number of remarkable occasions, including the First Italian Arab Business Forum that last October gathered over 300 participants. Many are the activities that have been carried out since the Chamber’s creation and many more are to come in 2018, including Roadshows, seminars, missions and the second edition of the Italian Arab Business Forum

For this last and for all the excellent results we have so far achieved, we would like to thank all those who have supported JIACC and believed in its project: first of all, Members and Board Members, who have contributed first hand to this success and then all Institutions, both Italian and Arab, who have always shown their extraordinary support

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