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New Investor Visa for Italy for non-EU citizens

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It is a 2-year visa for non-EU citizens who choose to invest in strategic assets for Italy’s economy and society

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development has just presented the “Investor Visa” program, which will allow non -European citizens willing to make major investments in strategic areas for Italian economy and society to apply online ad obtain a new two- years, multi entry kind of visa

Such new visa, which was introduced by Law no. 232 of 11 December 2016, known as the “2017 Budget Law”, confirms the Government commitment in making Italy increasingly attractive to international flows of human and financial capital, on the basis of similar experience at international level

The visa is only issued under certain circumstances resulting in a collective interest. The provision defines such circumstances as a large investment in medium/long-term Government bonds, an equity loan to an Italian limited company – with particular focus on new enterprises with a high technological content (e.g. the innovative startups referred to in decree-law no. 179/2012); a philanthropic donation in key areas for the country such as culture, research, protection of the environment, management of migratory flows

The 2017 Budget Law contains numerous other incentive measures, primarily fiscal in nature, which apply to Investor Visa holders

Applications for the investor visa are submitted on line in Italian or English through the portal investorvisa.mise.gov.it  . Several sections of the form require mandatory uploading of documentation in .pdf format. If the documentation is not available in Italian or English, the applicant must provide a certified translation

For more detailed information download the guidelines or visit the inverstorvisa.mise.gov.it portal

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