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Italy is right to measure “la Dolce Vita”

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Italy has long prided itself for its quality of life (“Dolce Vita”), and with good reason. Italy may be only just recovering from a long economic crisis, but its citizens are healthier and live longer than those of most other countries in the world

Source: Bloomberg – It is perhaps no coincidence then that the Italian government is pioneering the use of welfare indicators in its budget process. As of this year, the finance ministry will produce official forecasts for 12 indicators, ranging from income inequality to carbon dioxide emissions to obesity — the first country to do so in the EU and the G-7. Measuring “la dolce vita” is a complex task, but one other countries should consider, too. Growth will remain the main indicator to judge a country’s economic success because of its conciseness. But, to the extent they can, it is hard to see why governments should not monitor the broader impact their policies have on the well-being of citizens

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